About us

Since 1948 , we offer innovative technologies in adhesives in aqueous , hot melt, solvent, termofilmes , and the pioneering and revolutionary powder adhesive Artepowder . Our special laminate panels are marketed as linings , tapes, PVC edge , buttresses , and breastplates insoles, as well as through processing services cut and chamfer : Service .

Our actions are sustained in the economic , social and environmental tripod, optimizing resources , seeking renewable raw materials , recycling of waste and the top result for our clients .

What we believe

Leaving the philosophy of Companies Artecola , that the world is full of unsolved cases provisionally , a new idea just waiting to happen , we take the good ideas that happen all the time.

Encourage the pursuit of knowledge , in order to deliver to the community news that take into account the needs of those who will use them .

And by investing in innovative solutions that we Artecola Chemistry , along Enterprise Artecola become a better geographical distribution of the continent in the adhesives segment , which translates into competitive advantage for our customers .