Nosotros no vemos la innovación como un fin, sino como un medio que proporciona resultados.

Artecola Química

 We do not see innovation as an end but as a means of providing results. The innovation is in the DNA of Artecola Chemistry, which aims to provide the best results for its customers, community and environment. For that, we accompany closely the most varied and unusual innovations that happening in the world, in all segments. In the ³ in blog you have the opportunity to participate in this content.

One of the objectives in Blog in ³ is to inspire. Inspire innovation in our employees, customers, suppliers, academics and community. Your content is built with special care and provide various means of exchanging ideas and start a joint project from an inspiration.

If the innovation is a way, you are part of it, and if you are part of it, you need a cannel to expose your participation.
The Callenge Space on in³was developed with the objective to changes informations, suggestions, needs and solutions. That because, as in Chemistry Artecola, there are many inventors and creative borns dispersed for the country, close to revolutionize the world!

We want to build it with you!

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