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 Artecola Quimica constantly and sustainable development in the manufacture of laminates,

technology delivery vanguard, in its products. Offering specials laminates for shoe tip, buttresses, templates, coatings, and heat molding compounds.



This products are recognized in the market, and combine a high performance, the results and the sustainability.

Within the concept of sustainability, Chemistry Artecola developed a buttresses and armor line. Ecofibra is a product designed to have the least environmental impact, the use of natural fibers in its composition, allows the reuse of waste, even after use.

In special laminated, we also offer the processing service, that offer beveled and cut laminated. The use of this service guarantee delivery of a product with added value, allowing the purchase in stages, in accordance with the needed pairs numbers, with advantages of optimizing time, productions process and reduction of this materials.

“Quality to make a difference in the lives of people.”